Stuffed popovers & cake heaven at The Melting Shop, Seoul

For any foodie that has ventured around this part of the world it will be no surprise to you that Seoul has an abundance of unbelievably good restaurants. The Melting Shop, whilst a relatively new venture, has become well known and well liked pretty fast. Given it was set up by the duo who created the restaurants Tastingroom and Miki Creole, it was always destined to be a success and it has proven to be so. It was my first time there and given just how much we enjoyed both the food and the atmosphere, it is well worth checking out. It’s a big, beautiful building dominating a corner street in Seoul’s Sinsa-dong near Dosan Park. The vision for the owners was to create “comfy, Italian-American home cooking”. Whilst ‘comfy’ might not be an obvious descriptor for food, somehow it is perfect for what we experienced at The Melting Shop. We were there as a large group of 14 and upon opening the menu it is apparent that the ‘Popovers’ are a specialty. Given that not one of us knew what a ‘popover’ is, it did rather embarrassingly, take some words with IMG_1891the wonderful, friendly staff to help us on our way. For those equally ignorant, popovers are what i would describe as big Yorkshire Puddings. Unless you’re a Brit, you will probably still be none the wiser. But essentially a big, eggy, crispy, hollow roll. In the Melting Shop they are loaded with deliciousness to make a hearty meal. There are numerous experimentation with this (apparently classic) American bread and I opted for the delicious wasabi soft crab rendition, which features the airy popover stuffed to the gills with one whole deep-fried soft crab, B58dNpECMAAzDswdraped in a creamy, piquant wasabi-based sauce. Yuuuuum! Whilst popovers might be one of their famous dishes, what people really come here for are the extraordinaryB58dNphCIAAJaBp, generous puddings. Take one on solo at your own risk. They are absolute giants. I had heard a lot about the Blue Velvet Cake & made that my choice. My jaw dropped as this family sized circular juggernaut arrived in front of me. It was heavenly. Delicious, soft, spongy, blue cake drenched in a thick sour cream frosting that gave a tangy treat. Others opted for the cheese cake which requires a few waitresses to bring it in given its equally impressive scale. It is constructed with an oreo-style base & walls and a gallon of warm caramel sauce. If you find yourself in Seoul then make a visit to the Melting Shop. You might need to lock in a quick trip to the gym in the morning to recover, but trust me, it’s worth it.

The Melting Shop, 647-19, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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