Down the rabbit hole to bar Alice, Seoul

bar alive

I’ve been lucky enough to work in an industry [booze, that is] that has taken me to some pretty spectacular bars over the years. This hidden beauty in Cheongdam, Korea is right at the top when it comes to sheer imagination, theatre and downright brilliant drinks. It takes a little bit of hunting around to find it, but once you find the Louis Vuitton store then you’re near. Angle your way behind these giant stores and you’ll find a discreet bar signage of a white rabbit in a bow tie, holding a glass of wine. Head on down the stairs and, as you do, you’ll find yourself in a flower shop. You’ll see the same rabbit tucked away in the corner and this heavy wooden will take you into talice flowershe main bar. This is when the real fun begins. Try and bag yourself one of the giant leather armchairs right up at the bar and you’ll have one-on-one treatment with the immaculate, heavy leather apron laden barman. Menus are there if you’re interested but it’s much more fun to let the masters concoct from scratch. Expect dry ice, extraordinary drinking vessels, intimate detail & equisite morsels of food to match each drink. Not to mention a lot of intimate chat with the barmen about the pros and cons of Japanese whiskey and the merits of homemade falernum. I cannot bar alice drinkrecommend it enough & it is my new favourite bar in the world.

Bar Alice, 47, Dosan-daero 55-gil, Gangnam-gu




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