Get drunk different in Bar Tram, Tokyo


Rather an intriguing tagline for this not-to-be-missed little gem of a bar in Tokyo. Although to be fair it’s pretty accurate given its speciality in the infamous world of Absinthe.

We were fortunate to discover this one with the help of friend who has lived in the city for over 20 years and, to our benefit, works in the bar industry with a number of the worlds [and Japans] best barmen. So, admittedly we had a little help in falling up into this place. I say falling up deliberately since, as with most of Tokyos hidden secrets, you have to work pretty hard to find it. It is only a stones throw from Ebisu underground station & if you keep eyes peeled you’ll fall upon the ground floor sign beckoning you up for Elixir & Absinthe [which is their speciality]. Head on up the short set of stairs & you’ll find yourself in a small but cosy den of bar. The kind of place that you have to imagine has seen some things since opening in 2003. There is a sister bar called Bar Trench round the corner and both are owned & run by Takuya Itoh and Rogerio Igarashi Vaz, two highly devoted absinthe aficionados whose mission it is to educate and illuminate others about “la fée verte” (the green fairy).

We arrived at around midnight and whilst it was busy we found ourselves a comfy spot & settled in amongst the extraordinarily friendly bar crew & clientele. The drinks menu is pretty broad given it is famously known as an Absinthe bar. tram2If the green fairy is your thing then you’re in for a good night as there are a selection from over ten countries & you can expect spoons, fire & all the paraphernalia. We, on the other hand, settled for stunning Bulleit Rye old fashioneds & far too many cocktails all of which hit the spot. Before we knew it, the clock was saying 3.45AM & it was time to say goodbye to the endearing, exciting Bar Tram & all of its quirks to navigate back down the stairs and into the Tokyo neon. So much fun & highly recommend tracking it down.

Bar Tram, 1-7-13 Ebisunishi, Swing Bldg, 2F, Shibuya 150-0021





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