More Morsels please! Singapore

This was one of those rare occasions when you go to a restaurant with no real expectations and get blown away by the sheer simplicity and brilliance of damn good food. It was a friends recommendation that took us to Morsels, a beautiful little restaurant on quiet Mayo Street near to Little India. You know you’re in good hands the minute you enter, with a simply laid out, but intricately designed foodie haven. Chefs working their magic in the open kitchen and tables packed tend to be a good sign in my book. We were fortunate to have a link to the owner and chef, Bryan. He gave us a very warm welcome & asked us 2 simple questions. “How hungry are you?” & “Anything you don’t eat?” Our response was equally simple. “Very” & “No”.
FullSizeRender[1]Morsels, as the name suggests is all about sharing. Beautifully presented plates that everyone can tuck into. There were 4 of us dining and we had around 14 different dishes [don’t quote me on that, I lost count]. You probably won’t believe me because quite frankly, this never happens, but not one of these dishes was a disappointment. Not one! There were a couple of particular highlights that I have to elaborate on.
The grilled eryngii mushrooms with a 64c egg & gremolata was not only bloody tasty but great fun as you mix up the egg and dip the earthy, garlicky mushrooms stalks in. We also loved the Asian greens salad which came with great hunks of burrata, compressed persimmon & these little gems of vadouvan biscotti. Not your everyday salad! There was plenty of stunning fish courses including exquisite, plumpFullSizeRender[3] oysters that the place is famous for, plus a wonderful pan roasted salmon sitting on a nori pesto dressed pile of noodles. I could bang on about the big bowl of steamed venus clams in an amazing fig broth but you might start to get a little bored if I cover every one of the dishes we ate, tempting though it is.
One I can’t resist to mention was the Beef Shank, embered and then braised in coffee, paired with corn grit and shaved kohlrabi with pickled momotaro tomatoes. It was FullSizeRender[4]packed with meaty flavour and soooo tasty.
Whilst we went for a easy bite in the local neighborhood with no great expectations, we left having eaten in what is now one of our new favourite Singapore restaurants. It was a wonderful surprise and with food that could stand out anywhere. No formalities or frill & really fairly priced. Above all it simply serves wonderful, wonderful food. You must go.
Morsels, 35 Mayo Street

2 thoughts on “More Morsels please! Singapore

  1. Hey Chris!

    It’s Petrina, Chef Owner of Morsels!

    Thanks for your review. However, couple of things I would like to highlight hope you don’t mind it!

    The Beef dish is actually a special:
    Braised Beef Shank that has been embered and later on braised in coffee, paired with corn grit and shaved kohlrabi with pickled momotaro tomatoes. The braised angus shortrib you were referring to is another dish we have on the regular menu.

    Oh and my partner’s name is spelt Bryan!

    We hope to see you soon!



    1. Thanks Petrina. Amended in the review above. I think we need to take better notes next time, there was so much lovely food we lost track! We will be back soon, we loved it!


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