Killer coffee & breakfast at Ronin, Singapore

So, if you ever want to hunt me down during office hours & you can’t see me with my head down at my desk, then the chances are I’ll be in Ronin. This is handily located a mere stones throw from my office, & as a total coffee snob it’s where I go for my fix. It’s also my breakfast joint & my escape from the office when I need a bit of peace and quiet. Essentially, it is my second home & I love it. Therefore it’s with mild trepidation that I write this review and give the secret away. Luckily, helping it not to be overrun is the fact that it’s not the easiest to track down; there is no sign. But head down Hong Kong Street & keep your eyes peeled for the glass doors & dark internal space & you’ll have found it.

Head in and I guarantee that before you have even picked out a seat & sat down you’ll be approached by friendly faces, wished a good morning & asked what it is you want. Only then will you take your pick from the large sociable circular table in the centre, or the more discreet single high-chaired tables on the sides. If it’s work I’m there to do then you can guess what option I go for, but if you’re feeling a little more sociable it’s pretty fun just grabbing a seat in the centre & having a chat with whomever might be passing by.

When it comes to breakfast & coffee I am a creature of habit so in the same breath that I am greeted with ‘good morning’ I tend to also get the ‘flat white, scrambled eggs & avocado’ look. Naturally, they are always right.

Let’s tackle the coffee first. They serve Genovese Coffee that they import over from Australia. Anyone that has set foot in Oz knows that they really do love coffee so already it’s a good start. It’s a pretty cool story. Genovese coffee was established in Australia in 1950, set up originally by Alfio Genovese who set his heart to distributing fine Italian foods. It all kicked off in Melbourne & that is where the roasting & the family mission to to provide the Australian Market with a true Italian espresso coffee experience began. They don’t export too widely around the globe, but they do push it to Singapore & Paris. So, lucky Ronin & lucky us.FullSizeRender (2)

I would love to give a broad description of their breakfast & lunch menu but like I said I’m a creature of habit. What I can say is that their toasted sourdough, generous in salty butter, nestled under beautiful scrambled egg & fresh avocado with lemon is the best way to start any day. I go back & back & back.

Check it out people, but just not too much or too often please. After all, I need my place of calm!

Ronin, 17 Hong Kong Street, Singapore




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