Great company, average brunch at Five & Dime, Singapore

It was an early start on this particular Saturday as training continues. After 3 hours in the saddle & a hot run around the beautiful Botanic Gardens I was looking forward to my [very late] 2pm brunch. I had heard good things about Five & Dime on River Valley Road & with that I booked a table with my good friend knowing he had also burnt a few calories the same morning & that this place has plenty of carb heavy, calorific treats. Admittedly I was far from my best when I arrived, having made the mistake of a long walk to get there, on what has to be Singapore’s hottest day of the year. Dripping. So, the air conditioning was a welcome relief.

First off, it is a beautiful white-washed shop house sitting on River Valley Road & a very slick, cool interior that screams of top notch brunch & coffee. There was a small queue when we arrived which is always a good sign & as I positioned myself under the A/C unit in an attempt to look vaguely presentable I was getting a good vibe for what was to come.

Sadly, it was a disappointing experience. I chose the Buttermilk Pancakes which came with a pot of butter, maple syrup, some token fruit & crispy bacon on the side. They weren’tFullSizeRender[2] bad, but they weren’t remotely memorable. If you’re a restaurant offering up pancakes then you have to compete with the beauties you can enjoy at Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa or the fabulous Clinton Street Bakery, & sadly these fell well short. All you want is thick, bouncy, light, warm pancakes but these were thin, moderately warm, doughy & in need of a little love.

My friend went for the French Toast, also with crispy bacon & it did look bloody good as it arrived. So there was a fair amount of FullSizeRender[1]food envy as it hit the table but he was also underwhelmed with what seemed overly fried & butter soaked.

The coffee was similar to the food. Just OK. Given it also took an absolute age for a flat white & double espresso to hit the table also gives you an idea of the service. Patchy at best.

So, if you’re looking for a good brunch or lunch spot then there are plenty better ones in Singapore, a place where brunch is an institution.

So, thank you Five & Dime for the A/C & providing a table to catch up with a good mate but I won’t be heading back. Sorry.

Five & Dime, 297 River Valley Road


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