Whole food with heart, Kitchen by Food Rebel, Singapore

I can’t remember how I first heard about this little place, tucked slightly away from the busier Telok Ayer Street, on Stanley Street in the CBD. Yet however it was that I found it, I absolutely love the premise, and having been back a few times I can categorically say I also absolutely love the food. It’s one of my favourite lunch venues during the working week.

So the premise is that of organic, locally sourced ingredients and clean eating; knowing that what you are putting in your body is wholesome and nutritious and free of any junk or additives. I’m all for this, I am not a fan of the sugar-filled, MSG-fuelled cuisine that does tend to dominate many Singapore food-joints, and am embracing the trend for more ‘conscious’ eating and healthier lunch options. But, it also has to taste delicious. Luckily many restaurateurs are managing to nail both health and flavour, and Kitchen by Food Rebel is certainly knocking it out the park.

The first couple of times I visited I went for one of their Rebel Salads; the usual leaf, cucumber and tomato bases, but with really tasty home made dressings, and wholesome and delicious main staples. The first trip was on ‘Meat free Monday’ and I went for their Thai inspired quinoa; hearty and filling, and packed full of lemongrass and lime leaf flavour. The second time I went for the baked pumpkin salad, and added sauteed mushrooms, whilst my friend added avocado. Since it wasn’t a Monday we could have added free-range and organic chicken beef or prawns, but to be honest the vegetarian options are so satisfying it doesn’t seem necessary.IMG_2818

However, they also serve daily hot dishes, soups and sandwiches. And on my last visit, yesterday’s ‘Feed me up Friday’ I went for their signature ‘Towering Thomas’. Essentially a wholefood version of a chicken burger. It does come served in a sesame bun, but I went for ‘bun-less’ which means the layers come encased in lettuce leaves instead. It was absolutely delicious. A perfectly seasoned chicken patty on top of sauteed mushrooms, pumpkin spread (creating a kind of dairy free cheese or mayo alternative), home made rich and slightly spicy tomato ketchup, and topped with a runny egg. With sweet potato fries to soak up the juices, this was a proper burger fix and guilt-free!

I’ve yet to try the amazing looking range of guilt-free cakes, the breakfast menu or the power smoothies, but it’s only a matter of time…

Kitchen by Food Rebel, 28 Stanley St, Telok Ayer, Singapore


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