Think the chef skyved at Skyve, Singapore

We had the rare treat of a Saturday without travel and found ourselves in Singapore with a whole day of fun planned. First up was a lazy brunch at Skyve, a restaurant tucked away, near to our apartment in Newton, just off the Bukit Timah road. 

We chose it for a few reasons. Firstly, we are desperate to find a great foodie spot in spitting distance of home (7/11 doesn’t count) & secondly, it picks up great reviews on Google. So we set off with high expectations & excitement at the prospect of finally finding our local food haunt.

First impressions were good. Skyve is a little restaurant hidden amongst the trees and foliage of the area. It has an attractive outside courtyard & a warm, welcoming interior where we sat. The tables have quirky, unique placemats that are a bit of fun & the menus carry this irreverence on with interesting titles & a tasty sounding set of breakfast, lunch & dinner options. So, we started with high levels of optimism that we might have found our new local.IMG_2470

As we waited for the food, we had a couple of coffees and these were pretty good. Not overly memorable but decent coffee which in my opinion is a sign of a reliable restaurant so our high hopes of a good feed continued.

Sadly, we then made a big mistake. We ordered food.

It is rare to have a disappointing brunch in Singapore given they are such an institution & standards tend to be so high, so it was quite surprising just how bad the food at Skyve was. 

We both ordered the mix and match breakfast & I opted for scrambled eggs, sourdough, herb roasted potatoes, sweet corn & honey roasted ham. Charlie had a similar dish but with the poached eggs, mushroom fricasee and confit cherry tomatoes instead of corn and potatoes. Sounded pretty good on paper.

I had visions of soft, creamy eggs, freshly toasted, chewy sourdough, crispy, salty little spuds, warmed, fresh sweet corn & juicy hunks of fresh ham. Oh, how wrong I was.


Instead it was a plate of tasteless eggs (the ultimate sin for a restaurant that holds a breakfast menu), undercooked, hard, tasteless potato chunks, cold, tinned sweetcorn, a slice of unbuttered toast & then the worst of it all, 3 slices of limp ham that was clearly straight from a supermarket packet. Charlie fared no better with poached eggs that were overcooked & had clearly been brought from the same local 7/11 as the ham, given they tasted of nothing. As for confit tomatoes, they were just cherry tomatoes which had been shown marginal heat in a frying pan.

The irony was that our next Saturday activity was a foodie film viewing at the art space & gallery ‘Objectifs’ down in Rochor which happens to be next to one of Singapore’s finest brunch spots, Artichoke, a restaurant that Skyve could well do with learning from.

Our hunt for a great local continues.

Skyve, 10 Winstedt Road, Singapore


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