Idyllic Italian, WB Villa Galle Sri Lanka

We were recommended Why Beach [known as WB] by our wonderful hosts at Satin Doll [see previous review] to celebrate the night of our Wedding Anniversary. We wanted to treat ourselves & we had been told that this place dishes up some of the best Italian food in Sri Lanka. Given we had enjoyed some beautiful local curries & delicacies we fancied a little change. Therefore, excited about the prospect of a lovely dinner we hopped into our tuk-tuk and made the short trip down the main beach road. We were by this point 2 bottles of champagne down, so I have to admit that this review is a little hazier than normal!.

As with all the villas & restaurants on the Matara Road they are not very impressive from the outside. But once you arrive at WB, and the chunky wooden doors are opened you will know immediately you’re in good hands.

WB is a boutique villa with a few rooms & beautiful gardens nesting on the Indian Ocean. I have no doubt it is a great place to stay. The dining room sits at the front of the villa & our table was the best in the house with a direct view of the ocean, lit by garden lights. All we could hear as we settled in with some classic Italian Pino Grigio [yep some more booze] was the lapping of the waves. The restaurant is very small & on this particular night there were more staff than diners, but like all of our Sri Lankan hospitality experiences, the team were brilliant. IMG_7638Before our dishes arrived we had a delicious basket of warm ciabatta to whet the appetite & soak up some of the booze, delicious dipped in some real-deal, extra-virgin Italian olive oil.

For our starters we shared a generous plate of delicate, rich beef carpaccio sliced as thin as is possible but packing a real meaty punch & drizzled with a creamy parmesan mayonnaise. As good as any carpaccio I’ve ever had. IMG_7639We also shared what was described on the menu as Italian flatbread with jumbo prawns. Disappointingly it transpired this was essentially a rather uninspiring pizza with shell-on prawns on top.IMG_7640

Our mains on the other hand were everything we expected of such a well respected Italian restaurant. I enjoyed the soft & fluffy potato gnocchi which were tossed in a deep, rich beef ragu. Indulgent thought it was, I could have eaten it 2 times over. Charlie went for the seafood risotto whichIMG_7641IMG_7642 was oozing as it should, with the rice perfectly al dente & a generous serving of fresh seafood. Two big hits.

We did have a dessert to finish things off but to be brutally honest, our memories are a little clouded but we do have a vague memory of a frozen, creamy parfait.

It was a wonderful evening, relaxed & informal but with some dishes of real class. If you’re after a treat & a break from the Sri Lankan cuisine then get yourselves down to WB. Just go easy on the booze & you might remember more than we did.

Why Beach, Uyana Bandarawatta, Matara Road Talpe



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