Watch the magic, Meta, Singapore

We chose Meta on Keong Saik road as the venue for our 5th Supper Club. Someone had mentioned it as a lesser-known gem on the otherwise well-trodden street, and the combination of a fabulous-looking menu and the ability to go somewhere frequented by as few of our crowd as possible seemed like a great choice. When we swung by on a quiet Saturday lunchtime to discuss the supper club concept, this was further cemimg_4618ented.

Meta is an unassuming, classy little joint with countertop seating around a bright open kitchen and just a couple of tables for 2 at the side. Restaurant manager Pierre explained to us that with our expected number of minimum 20 guests, we could hire out the whole restaurant, crank up the music as desired after supper (or during) and hang out at the front bar without fear of reprimand or disrupting any other diners. Our kind of place! So, we did just that, and it transpired to be the best supper club to date.

Our 22 guests arrived last Thursday and were greeted by our charming host for the evening Ruth who immediately ensured they had a drink in hand before being seated. Everyone fitted easily chef-2around the counter-top (apart from a couple of fellas who quite frankly I think just fancied a little man-date at a table for 2) and so had the perfect view of the chefs creating magic, rustling up the epic feast we were about to be presented with.

First up was a snack (Meta kindly agreed to supplement the set menu with a few extras for our occasion); a delicious duo of pulled pork parcel and a prawn filled cucumber. Not to mention a tasty little morsel of what can only be described as cheese on toast. But really not as you know it.

The appetizer was my personal highlight. A combo I hadn’t had before but absolutely loved. Strips of soft juicy melon elegantly concealing a perfect salmon tartare with a cream cheese centre and dressed with lime oil to really lift it.

Next was the slow cooked octopus which was beautifully tender and meaty with purple Romanesco (tasted like cauliflower) and black olive. Then we had another addition to the set menu; a Korean style pancake with samphire and pickled radish. So delicious.

Onto our first meat course which was a perfectly pink slice of juicy duck breast with charred leek and a deep delicious aubergine puree. Date added just a touch of sweetness and a salty crumb added a little

Everyone was having a great time, washing down the delicious food with various cocktails, wine and beer. The music had crept up a notch.

I think it was around this time that we met a couple of the restaurant investors who had popped by having heard about our event and wanted to check we were enjoying ourselves. We were in the process of choosing some red wine, and on discovering that a couple of our options were out of stock, we were warmly invited to join them as they were wholeheartedly making their way through their personal red wine collection at the front bar. Who were we to refuse such an offer? We tucked into some glasses of their Bordeaux and the music went up another notch.

Onto the main event. Here we had a choice and I went for the melt-in-the mouth-tender rack of lamb with a sweet, earthy celeriac puree, courgette and crispy kale. The other option was an equally delicious braised beef short rib with perfectly smooth potato puree.

A pause, another bottle of red opened and liberally shared, before the dessert. I won’t lie, the investors had been very generous and so this gpuddingets a little less clear, but I believe this was a delicate chocolate bowl filled with coconut and pineapple sorbet and mint jelly. It was light and clean – perfect end to a rich meal.

By this point there was definitely a party happening in Meta, much to the amusement of the talented chefs the other side of the countertop. The music was playing, we retired to the front bar and further depleted the red wine stocks. This was a fabulously fun evening, with really incredible food equal to any fine dining restaurant (but far from the stuffy atmosphere), and amazingly accommodating staff & owners. We will definitely be back.

Meta, 9 Keong Saik Road, Singapore



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