A fresh & fabulous spin on brunch at Open Farm Community, Singapore

We had visitors in Singapore last weekend; a great friend & travelling buddy of many years called (affectionately) Fluff, and her wonderful 6 year old daughter Jessica. Knowing that it has a great menu, space for a 6 year old to run around if required, and is generally a lovely place, we headed off to Open Farm Community for a leisurely late brunch with another mutual mate.

We briefly sat outside on the patio next to the beautiful garden, and Jessica was delighted to see the ping pong table (swiftly promised a game later if she was a really good girl over lunch).then went through to our table in the light and bright dining room at the back. outdoor

Our waiter was delightful and swiftly brought us out our ordered beers and a virgin bloody mary for me which was SO delicious that I really didn’t miss the vodka at all – spicy, perfectly seasoned and with a crunchy stick of celery to stir it all about.

We pretty much all stuck to the weekend brunch menu, apart from ‘rigatonimutual mate’, who went for a signature pasta dish; rigatoni with mushrooms, smoked pancetta, stilton and a balsamic reduction. I didn’t sample this one, not being a fan of blue cheese but was assured it was absolutely delicious – it did look good.

I went for the savoury crepe; a perfect light pancake topped with a dollop of cream cheese which had tiny pieces of cured trout running through it, and a hint of tarragon. Next to that was an equally tasty dollop of chunky guacamole. Layered on top of that were slices of the cured trout, and around the edge were little perfectly cooked quails eggs – still runny in the middle. It was so delicious that I was genuinely gutted when I swallowed my last mouthful.

Chris and Fluff both went for the pimped up version of scrambled eggs on toast; the scrambled eggs topped crisp toasted ciabatta, aloncorn-eggsgside kale, a creamy chive sauce, and two chunks of charred corn on the cob.

Jessica went for the sweet option and luckily for us couldn’t manage all of her buttermilk pancakes (with mascarpone ice cream, granola and berries) and so we got to tuck into the remainder of these cloud-like soft fluffy sweet pancakes as a little dessert.

Oh and for the middle of the table we also shared a broccoli salad. So simple, and yet the ingredients were so fresh, and with some sort of wizardry dressing, some crumbled feta and little herbs meant that it tasted amazing.

Knowing that they use the freshest, most local ingredients, have their own edible garden and encourage urban farming only makes me love this place even more. Having enjoyed our brunch/lunch we headed outside for another beer, a glass of prosecco for me this time, and one by one took on Jessica at her promised game of ping pong (since she had been a very good girl). The perfect Saturday afternoon.

Open Farm Community, 130E Minden Road, Singapore


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