Stunning steak, Bochinche, Singapore

On this particular Friday night myself & 3 good friends were out celebrating the fact that we had secured Lions Tickets for 2017 & in doing so had ticked off a bucket list item. It deserved a get-together & a celebration & Bochinche was perfect. This little haven is designed for laid back good times, simple yet stunningly prepared beef & a wine list that hits all the notes.

It’s a cool space, with black & white jazzy prints dominating one wall & a corner bar at the end with counter top seating, all of which gives off a relaxed American diner vibe. It is small & I have heard consistently packed so a table booking is key. It manages that perfect balance of atmosphere, informality & quality. We settled in with some perfect Tanqueray Gin & Tonics. A drink so easy to make but so easy to get wrong. In my book, anywhere that can master the ultimate G&T, as Bochinche can, is immediately off to a good start.

We started off by ordering their 3 empanada options which were perfect for the 4 of us to share as a tasty starter. The best was the roasted chicken, smoked peppers & cumin which was packed with flavour & bursting to the edges of the crumbly pastry. We also had the beef & potato which was also delicious & the third was the goats cheese & spinach which given I am not a fan of goats cheese was still very enjoyable. Little pops of sweetness from raisins & the texture of pine nuts. By this point we had worked through our first bottle of chewy Merlot & the empanadas made a perfect partner.

Another bottle of wine ordered, it was time for the main event. Sitting proudly at the heart of the menu is their Beef selection, all grass-fed & imported from Argentina. Now, I don’t know what grass they feed them on, or what their Argentinian genes give them, but my god this is seriously good beef. You have a choice of 4 cuts. Skirt, Sirloin, Rib-Eye or Fillet. To make your choice that much easier, the waiter brings over the cuts for you to inspect, but apparently not to poke despite my best efforts. These giant slabs are firstly presented & then comes the debate about weight. I did feel slightly sorry for the poor old Skirt that looked a bit sad sitting next to the thick, juicy cuts alongside it. In the end we chose to get 2 cuts & share them. The Captain & I opted for 1 x 400g Rib-Eye cooked medium-rare whilst Baillie & Broderick shared 1x 300g Fillet cooked medium-well which in itself is a crime, but given we were celebrating I didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere by chastising them.img_2972-1

The beef arrives on a iron cast plate, well rested, sliced & cooked to absolute perfection. Even the fillet was a little pink so clearly the chef wouldn’t stand for the medium-well request which makes me like Bochinche even more. Perfectly seasoned it would be hard to find tastier beef. It comes with fat rosemary chips & a simple green salad. We loved it.
We enjoyed a few more bottles of red wine, all of which were excellent, & left feeling very satisfied. I would definitely recommend it to anyone after beautifully cooked, simple fare. I can’t speak of anything else on the menu but if it’s beef you’re after, then Bochinche is a winner.

Bochinche, 115 Amoy Street


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