Idyllic Italian, Pietrasanta, Singapore

For those that follow us, you’ll be aware of our Supper Club event which happens on a monthly basis & is a chance to explore different restaurants in Singapore with a bunch of mates. Following the amazing Meta, which was a bit swanky, we opted for a more relaxed, informal spot for Supper Club VI. We landed on Ristorante Pietrasanta which is in Wessex Estate, a little bit out of town. It’s a beautiful old Tuscan style family restaurant nestled in amongst greenery, winding lanes & the classic Black & White colonial buildings. It is also opposite the much loved Colbar pub which was a regular drinking haunt for British military back in the day.

First thing to say is that the staff are wonderful. In preparing for the dinner, they arranged a perfect set menu for us & were totally relaxed that a few of the guests had dietary requirements that meant a few were going off piste. There was no request they weren’t happy to sort for us & as requested they arranged a long table on their large veranda that was perfect for a typically balmy Singaporean evening.

Our waiter for the night was the extraordinary Luca who has to be about the happiest man in Asia & wow, what a difference it makes in contributing to a fun evening. He looked after us & made us smile all night. Fortunately, the food was just as good as Luca’s service.

The set menu was, on paper, an absolute feast with 3 Appetizers, Pasta, Main Course & Pudding & the paper didn’t lie. We all left full to the brim. The Appetizers & Main Courses came in big sharing plates which also helped create the relaxed vibe we were after. The food was homely, generous, tasty Italian fare that you felt was lovingly prepared.

The Appetizers included stewed cuttlefish in a rich tomato sauce, steamed spelt baked with aubergine, truffle & served in a parmesan basket & finally a delicious selection of Italian cold cuts. All 3 came to the table together & got us off to a great start.

Once we had debated the difference between a cuttlefish & a squid [apparently, thanks to Northern Lou cuttlefish move like a hovercraft, whereas squid move in accelerated bursts] we absolutely loved our little hovercraft friends. Perfectly cooked & drowning in a wonderful sauce, mopped up with their homemade bread. img_3015The spelt was also good, but not overly memorable, whereas the cold cuts with little pickled onions were a table favourite. So simple, yet so good.

Next up came the Pasta dish which was my favourite & will live long in the memory of what super simple pasta bolognese should taste like. Home made, al-dente, rich in egg yolk pappardelle strips with a Chianti bolognese sauce. One of those sauces that has been bubbling away for years on end, so rich in flavour & with the shaved saltiness of parmesan it was heaven in a bowl. I’d make the trip out just to eat this again.

img_3016Followig this was the main event & it was back to the big sharing plates. Huge platters of medium-rare [close to rare, which I love] rib-eye Angus beef with a support cast of little roasted spuds, Italian chard & cannnelini beans. This was, however, all about the meat & it delivered. It was slightly on the fatty side, which again I like, but nonetheless it was wonderfully seasoned, perfectly cooked & there was not a morsel left. Another knockout.

Finally came the pud. This was the only slight let down. It was a chestnut cake served with ricotta, honey & pear ice cream. I was looking forward to, & expecting, a fluffy hunk of moist cake but instead it was a flat, slightly stale little slice. It did taste pretty good but not up to the standards of all that has preceded it. That said the ice cream was gorgeous & creamy.

We all agreed that Pietrasanta was a wonderful find & it was a welcome change to get out of the city centre. I would, without doubt, make the effort to get out to Wessex Estate & enjoy this home-away-from-home again.

Hopefully you’ll have Luca looking after you. Go give it a shot.

Ristorante Pietrasanta, 5B Portsdown Road, Singapore


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