Private dining doesn’t get better than Level 33, Singapore

There was a long hunt led by The Captain to source a venue for our inaugural Gentlemens Relish dinner. This is essentially a bunch of good friends, who pretend to play golf once in a while, coming together for good food & plenty of wine. I had not been to Level 33 before, despite its fantastic Sunday Roast reputation & of course its world-beating views & claim to host the worlds highest urban-craft brewery. It really didn’t disappoint & I would certainly go back.

If you’re looking for the privacy that comes with a private dining room then you’ll do well to beat this one. It is tucked away in the far corner of the large open restaurant, floor to ceiling glass overlooking the bright lights of Singapore, a wine fridge handily taking pride of place at one end & a discreet electronic door that shuts you in at the push of a button. There were 10 of us & it could quite easily have taken a few more. We were looked after meticulously by 2 great waiters & with no minimum spend or big costs, it’s a great spot for celebrating. Well done to The Captain.

The food overall was good, with some big hits but at the same time some mediocre dishes that didn’t live up to the glamorous surroundings. In hindsight we did order copious amounts of beef & pretty much every cut that a cow can offer, so perhaps bad variation & planning on our side.

We kicked off with sharing ploughmans platters that were enormous & sky high in a mix of salami, hams, chorizo, prosciutto & Italian cheeses. We also had a few plates to share of their beef tartare that was an absolute hit. Stunning beef, rich runny egg yolk & loaded with pepper & capers. Wonderful. We also had plates of beef carpaccio that was good but up against that tartare it was always going to be the second best cow dish.

By this point we had worked through a good few bottles of really good, fairly priced wine. So the ordering of main courses tended to take the route of least resistance & the ‘I’ll have what he’s having’ tactic. This meant that it was 10 steaks, medium rare. The choice then came down to whether you fancied the Australian, Scottish, Japanese, Argentinian or USA cut. We covered off most of the options between us & I opted for the Scottish Sirloin which was mediocre. Very lean but bland & lacking seasoning or that seared crust that a hot grill should offer.fullsizerender2 All a bit beige. I tried the USA rib-eye that packed far more of a punch so perhaps it was my bad ordering but for a restaurant that prides itself on its Grill Menu, I have had many better steaks in Singapore so wouldn’t make the visit for its steaks.

Alongside the beef we ordered pretty much every side on the menu & the fat chips provided much needed carbohydrate to offset the ever increasing bottles of wine. They were tasty. The sauteed spinach with beer paneer was delicious, as was the charred & roasted leeks. The highlight was the roasted pumpkin, skin on, loaded with a ginger tomato chutney & cashews. Bloody fantastic.

We had such a great night & whilst the food was a suitable backdrop & had some real winners, it was the private room & ambiance that really shone. I would recommend it as the perfect space for celebrating, with reliable food & a winning view.

Big act to follow for the next Gentlemens Relish in 2017.

Level 33, 8 Marina Boulevard #33-01, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Singapore 018981


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