Middle Eastern heaven, The Fat Prince, Singapore

As 2016 draws to an end, we hosted our final Supper Club of the year & to mark the moment we were keen to find a restaurant that offered something a little different to our previous nights. We settled on The Fat Prince which serves up an array of Middle Eastern delights & carries a fantastic reputation. The other main attraction was the stunning space at the back of the restaurant, The Ottoman Room.

In short we loved it & I would recommend it to anyone. It delivered on every aspect. The staff that looked after us were truly first-class. Friendly, fun, professional & knew all of the dishes back-to-front [no mean feat when you realise the breadth of offerings]. To make the point of their quality, one of our good friends doesn’t get on well with gluten which i told chef 15 mins before we sat down & with a smile the team arranged a couple of extra bits to ensure she didn’t miss out. They were fabulous. Next, the space is gorgeous. The Ottoman Room at the back of the restaurant is lit by hanging candles & all the tables are a mixture of sizes & styles with a variety of cushions & different chairs. It leads to a very relaxed, almost bohemian, vibe that immediately makes you feel in good hands. Last but not least the food is stunning. I went with high hopes & it exceeded my expectations. The quality of the cooking is high, it is loaded with imagination & my god, it is generous.

The meal was kicked off with the Mezze Trolley which is, surprise surprise, a trolley filled with wonderful mezze treats.

The evening we arranged meant that the Mezze was limitless & when they are as good as this that poor trolley got wheeled out a lot. There are too many mezze to mention but the highlights were The Ottoman Hummus which puts all my previous hummus experiences to shame. Trio of Duck Fat & Lemon, Sweet Potato & Chilli & Artichoke & Herbs. Rich & full of flavour they were wonderful alongside the freshly baked flat breads. img_3113We also loved the Salmon Kibbeh Naya which is a spiced salmon tartare with smoked date puree & almond dukka. Fresh, light salmon with sticky date & roasted almonds. Yep, it really works. I could go on & on & I have to mention the Saffron & Cashew Mussels which were hoovered up in seconds as were the fat juicy Oysters doused in a sharp cucumber mignonette. To be honest, we could have had a thoroughly good night ploughing through the trolley but with a little self-restraint we did start saying no, with the prospect of the main event to come.

Onto the mains. They are split into 2 sections on the menu. Meat & Fish makes up one & Earth the other.

For the former they served up wonderful Lebanese Spiced Duck Breast which was perfectly pink, balanced with a deep spice rub & served with lentils & peppercorn poached pear that cut through the rich protein. The Short Rib was also excellent, falling away as if cooked for days & served with a creamy pumpkin puree. The other dish we loved was the Stuffed Lamb Shoulder with sumac & minted pea puree. On paper it all feels like rich meat overload but actually, when served up & shared across the table it was less overwhelming than it might sound. The Earth provided some of the most interesting vegetable dishes I can remember. Sweet & spicy baby carrots sounds relatively uninspired but wow, The Fat Prince, works magic to those little carrots, as they did to the slow cooked pumpkin with preserved lemons & a first for me, crispy chickpeas.

Throughout the feasting, we worked through some Lebanese wine that was tast albeit a little on the pricey side. But that said, the food was fantastic value & everyone left full to the brim & with big smiles.

The Fat Prince is such a great spot full of imaginative food & for anyone that enjoys Middle Eastern food, I am certain you’ll struggle to find better anywhere in Singapore. Go check it out & if you have a big group then head to the Ottoman Room.

Fat Prince, 48 Peck Seah Street, Singapore


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