A surprisingly good brunch, The Coastal Settlement, Singapore

We were meeting a couple of friends for brunch on Saturday, and there were 2 specific requirements which dictated our choice of restaurant location. Firstly, Chris needed to go and pick up his marathon race pack from Changi expo centre, and secondly it had to be dog-friendly to accommodate our friends’ little poodle-cross, Yepi. Turns out there aren’t a huge number of outdoor space, dog accommodating restaurants near Changi, but one such one is ‘The Coastal Settlement’. So off we went.

Driving from central Orchard all the way out East it certainly feels a bit random….and even more so on arrival at the gravel car park with fairground ride parts and part-renovated vintage Volkswagen beetles decorating the entrance.

We wandered around the side along the lush green garden to the outdoor patio and found our table. Yet couldn’t help but take a peek inside where the décor wvespaas just as eclectic and somewhat eccentric, with Vespas and bicycles adorning the walls. This was taken up a notch given it was December and so we had the addition of Christmas music, tinsel and fairy lights. Being a Saturday lunchtime it wasn’t hugely busy (but by no means empty) but I could imagine if one got a crowd together and settled in to a few drinks it could be a pretty fun and slightly surreal experience.

Anyway, Yepi had arrived and so we joined her and our 2 human friends outside. It was very pleasant listening to the jungle sounds (despite a few mosquito attacks, wear repellent). Yet we were somewhat doubtful as to how good the food would be given the bizarre surroundings of the place. We needn’t have worried.

The weekend menu consisted of a good selection of brunch type egg dishes and Western comfort food staples such as a burger, and fish & chips, as well as some Asian dishes, plus a small pizza menu, coffees and fresh juices. It all sounded very tempting.

We all started off with a juice of various types, and they were all freshly squeezed and delicious. We then shared a couple of starters. Salt and pepper calamari which was hot and crispy out of the fryer, totally more-ish when dipped into a tangy passionfruit foodmayonnaise, and some wagyu beef squares on a bed of japanese dressed salad and mushrooms. The chunks of meltingly tender beef were deemed ‘too well seasoned for Yepi’; just as well since they were perfectly seasoned for us humans.

I then went for the vegetarian scrambled eggs option; purely because it included a Portobello mushroom, one of my favourite things. The dish which came out exceeded my expectations. On top of a piece of sourdough toast was a pile of soft, hot-out-of-the-pan scrambled eggs, strips of red pepper and the aforementioned juicy Portobello mushroom, on top of which was a dollop of creamy, fresh burrata, oozing down the sides. To add a little texture and colour was some crispy fried kale, and the whole lot was sprinkled with some truffled parmesan, adding perfect seasoning. Honestly, delicious.img_5241

Chris went for ‘kale and eggs’. A slight misnomer since it was actually kale plus a mountain of other greens; beans, broccoli, asparagus. Plus creamy guacamole, 2 perfectly poached eggs, and chunks of flatbread. Also a really good dish.kale

One of our friends opted for the burger which was juicy and still pink in the centre (shared with Yepi who also greatly approved) and came with chunky chips, just what you would want from a solid burger offering. And the other went for an Asian choice with the Mee Goreng noodle dish which was as spicy as she had requested.

We shared some obligatory truffle fries to go with all of this and then rounded off the meal with some decent coffees. The only slight mis-fire was the apple crumble pudding, which was far too ‘deconstructed’ and removed from an actual apple crumble for my liking.

Other than that, it was a delicious brunch with a varied menu and some interesting dishes. Plus we were actually pretty taken by the quirkiness in the end.

The Coastal Settlement, 200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore


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