Solid middle-eastern at Yasmin, Langkawi, Malaysia

We had a great trip recently to Langkawi, a short plane hop from Singapore & a tiny little island nestled off the coast of Malaysia. It’s a pretty standard weekend trip for many of our friends, but it was our first time. We loved the island, mooching about on the beaches, enjoying the stunning weather & essentially taking some time out from Singapore. We stayed at Bon Ton, a rustic little getaway, just 10 minutes from the airport & perfect for some R&R. Would really recommend it, but try & stay in Bon Ton & not the accompanying Temple Tree which isn’t as good.

Whilst it’s a great spot for a relaxing break, we wouldn’t rush to Langkawi for food adventures. Firstly, Malaysian food isn’t top of our list & hunting out good restaurants tends to force you into the big, glamorous, over-priced hotels dotted around the island which we didn’t really fancy. We did eat in Bon Ton on quite a few nights & the food was solid, with a good varied menu. img_5692

The one restaurant we did want to write about was a little Syrian place, right on the main drag off touristy Cenang Beach. It’s not much from the outside but it had come recommended so we thought we would give it a shot as a break from Bon Ton. Whilst Cenang Beach is busy it’s great fun for sundowners & we spent a quite a few nights chilling out with cold beers in the beach bars watching the sun come down. This makes Yasmin img_5714perfectly located since it is only a 5 minute walk from there.

One distinctive element that will help you find Yasmin is the clay oven they haveimg_5697 outside the restaurant which is where they bake their fresh flatbreads. It’s a nice touch & the bread is delicious. Ripping hot, thin & a perfect accompaniment to all the treats & dips on the menu. We kicked off with a simple meze of Tabbouleh, Hummus, Falafal & Baba Ghanoush. It was the charred aubergine & big punch of tahini that went into the Baba Ghanoush that made it the winner, but all three were tasty. For maiimg_5693ns we shared a selection of kebabs. The one worth mentioning is their Chicken Shwarma. Well balanced spice, succulent chicken, tasty salads & once again that hot flatbread to act as cutlery. Delicious.

If you’re looking for a change from the fancy hotels, then I would recommend heading to Yasmin after some sundowners to enjoy some simple, well-cooked Syrian grub at an unbelievably affordable price. We enjoyed it.

Yasmin, Kampung Lubok Buaya, Langkawi, Malaysia


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