Peranakan flavours, mixed opinions. CreatureS Singapore

2 years has passed since we moved to Asia and made the little red dot our home, and to celebrate our anniversary we chose another restaurant from our Eat Singapore book to try out. Suitably ‘local’ for the occasion, CreatureS is a quirky restaurant located in a renovated 2 storey shop house, serving Peranakan dishes, but elevated towards fine dining.IMG_4631

A little off the beaten track, we found CreatureS at the end of a terrace row, on a bustling street in Little India. The dining space is set over the 2 floors and we went up to a stunning room on the second floor, bright and airy with a high ceiling and a beautiful little terrace at the back.

The menu took a little explanation, split between salad and soups, sharing plates and then mains. The lovely waitress recommended how many dishes to order and we went entirely with her recommendations.

First IMG_4636was the the sharing dish of ‘Por’; crispy prawn fritters. We were off to a flying start with these hot, fresh little nuggets of juicy prawn, studded with sweet corn and perfectly spiced. The dipping sauces were perfect too; one spicy and tangy and the other creamy and herby.

We then chose to share 2 main courses and our first was (almost) as strong as the starter – their signature dish of miso cod. The baked fish was succulent and sweet, and it was accompanied perfectly by a spicy tangy cucumber salad. Instead of simple rice it came with rice balls which were flavoured with belachan…and this is where my own personal issues began! I just find peranakan flavours a little too pungent, and this was the case here, the malaysian shrimp paste in the rice balls just gave them a bit of an edge which I could have done without! That said, Chris loved them and thought this dish was a winner.

The chicken dish we chose as our second main was a bit too strong for him as well, and neither of us could finish it. To be fair, it was described as ‘intense’ on the menu! The chicken was stewed in a deeply flavoured sauce, a main component of which was ‘buah keluak’ an Indonesian fruit common to Peranakan cuisine, but which was not to our taste.

Having not wanted to finish the chicken we had space left for dessert and we were certainly glad we did! CreatureS goes big on cake for dessert, in a couple of ways. Firstly there are about 7 different cakes on the menu ranging from a Thai milk tea cheesecake to a durian cake, but we went for the ‘Creatures chocolate cake v2.0’. Secondly my god it was big! The most enormous slice of layered chocolate cake and ganache came to the table with salted caramel sauce and coconut ice cream. I’d go back for this, scrap the main courses, it was incredible.


We left with mixed feelings. The venue is beautiful, the service charming, and a couple of dishes were a real hit. However, be prepared for authentic Peranakan tastes and flavours, which are pretty strong, and might not be for every palate.

CreatureS, 120 Desker Road, Singapore


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