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We are Charlie and Chris; a British married couple living life in the constant pursuit of great food, drink, travel and adventure. We are roaming and ravenous; on a life-long and insatiable mission to seek out the most interesting places, adventures and gastronomic experiences around the globe.

Having spent most of our adult lives in London, but travelling as much as our holiday allowance allowed, we are now Singapore-based, opening up a whole new world of feasting fun around Asia.

We’ve started this blog as a way to document our travel and foodie experiences, for our own enjoyment, but also to provide inspiration for any other epicures, gourmets, gourmands, gastronomes and general foodie travellers out there.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Charlie and Chris,

    I would love to invite you both to blogger networking events I hold in Singapore called #blogmeetsg. These events work two fold for bloggers, you get to meet other bloggers in Singapore and you also get to be introduced to hand picked boutique brands. Shoot me an email at lulabellelifestyle@gmail.com and I be in touch with the next event.



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